Unreasonable thoughts

a "there but for the grace of God"symbol. To wolves who

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The Steamer "Arundel Castle"--Poor Beds in Ships--The Beds in Noah's Ark-


-Getting a Rest in Europe--Ship in Sight--Mozambique Channel--The


Engineer and the Band--Thackeray's "Madagascar"--Africanders Going Home--


Singing on the After Deck--An Out-of-Place Story--Dynamite Explosion in

Johannesburg--Entering Delagoa Bay--Ashore--A Hot Winter--Small Town--No

Sights--No Carriages--Working Women--Barnum's Purchase of Shakespeare's

Birthplace, Jumbo, and the Nelson Monument--Arrival at Durban

Royal Hotel Durban--Bells that Did not Ring--Early Inquiries for Comforts